Episode Ten: Remembering Lot’s Wife in Luke 17:32   Andrewes on the requisite intentions for spiritual growth and the lifelong perseverance that marks...View Details

Episode Nine: The Lord’s Prayer, Pt.4 Andrewes on seeking God’s grace to do no evil nor befall it and giving God the glory as the only One Who can giv...View Details

Episode Eight: The Lord’s Prayer, Pt.3 Andrewes on Asking for Our Daily Bread and Seeking the Forgiveness of Our Debts as We Forgive Our Debtors Dec.1...View Details

Episode Seven: The Lord’s Prayer, Pt.2 Andrewes on Establishing God’s Heavenly Honor, Kingdom, and Will on Earth Nov.14, 2020 Special Guest: Bishop C...View Details

Episode Six: The Lord’s Prayer, Pt.1 Andrewes on Understanding God as Our Father in Heaven And Sanctifying His Name October 3, 2020   Sermons 7 - 9 of...View Details

Episode Five: That War in Heaven Andrewes on the Role of Angels in Revelation 12:7 and the Bible Recorded August 29, 2020   Sermon 13 of Lancelot Andr...View Details

Episode Four: God Save the King Andrews on Being in Want for a King in Judges 17:6 August 1, 2020 Sermon 8 of Lancelot Andrewes’ Certain Sermons Preac...View Details

Sermon 6 of Lancelot Andrewes’ Sermons of the Nativity preached before King James at Whitehall on Wednesday, December 25, 1611. A copy can be found in...View Details

Sermon 1 in Lancelot Andrewes' Sermons on the Sending of the Holy Ghost Preached upon Whit-Sunday preached before the King's Majesty at Greenwich on J...View Details

Why Andrewes? Bishop Lancelot Andrews was a gifted preacher and translator of the Bible (without him the KJV Bible would not be what it is); a defend...View Details

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