Episode Six: The Lord’s Prayer, Pt.1 Andrewes on Understanding God as Our Father in Heaven And Sanctifying His Name October 3, 2020   Sermons 7 - 9 of...View Details

Episode Five: That War in Heaven Andrewes on the Role of Angels in Revelation 12:7 and the Bible Recorded August 29, 2020   Sermon 13 of Lancelot Andr...View Details

Episode Four: God Save the King Andrews on Being in Want for a King in Judges 17:6 August 1, 2020 Sermon 8 of Lancelot Andrewes’ Certain Sermons Preac...View Details

Sermon 6 of Lancelot Andrewes’ Sermons of the Nativity preached before King James at Whitehall on Wednesday, December 25, 1611. A copy can be found in...View Details

Sermon 1 in Lancelot Andrewes' Sermons on the Sending of the Holy Ghost Preached upon Whit-Sunday preached before the King's Majesty at Greenwich on J...View Details

Why Andrewes? Bishop Lancelot Andrews was a gifted preacher and translator of the Bible (without him the KJV Bible would not be what it is); a defend...View Details

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